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The Plastics got hold of Christmas!

We are not all naturally inclined to the eco warriors life, but a few simple skips and tricks and hey presto - an easier, greener Christmas. Here's three quick ones:

- Ditch the plastic produce bags. Unless its individual leaves of baby spinach just drop that fruit and veg straight into the trolley and then straight into your reusable grocery bag. Easy. 

- Bring food dishes to family and friends in reusable containers. A tea towel over the dish often works just as well as cling wrap! Beeswax wraps are great too if you have them, but no need for fancy. 

- Brown paper or reusable no plastic gift bags look so good (because they are good)! Add some pretty plant cuttings from your (or someone else's) garden - quick, easy and wow!

Earth Worthy Good Bag range

Merry Christmas! 

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