The backstory: Impacts of Covid-19 in Bangladesh and how we can help, together.

The Covid-19 situation worldwide has been devastating for over a year. The recent outbreak in India shows us again the impact that this virus can have on a country with different health services and support networks then we have here in Australia. 

Our partners and the Artisans who make our beautiful Earth Worthy pieces are in Bangladesh – a country that borders India. They have been in lockdown again since April 2021 and unsurprisingly, a recent study from Dhaka University called “The Impact of covid-19 on Women” has highlighted the devastating impacts this continuing situation is having on Women in the region. Namely, job cuts, wage reduction, business closures, increase in domestic violence, increase in child brides, increase in unplanned pregnancy, a reduced number of girls and women in school along with a dramatic increase in household unpaid work. To say it’s tough, especially for women, is a huge understatement. 

We’re so thankful for the position we are in in Australia and we wanted to help as much as we can. Our partners have shared that the skillful Artisans who hand make our pieces need to generate income so they can support their families. 

So, we’re pushing forward with our orders so we can support the Makers who source and stitch and dye the Earth Worthy bags and cushions and blankets.

We’re going to try to increase the number of Artisans we support and expand our range. It wasn't our plan a year ago, we 'planned' to keep things simple, but we now know that supporting as many Artisans as we can in Bangladesh is where we can be most helpful, while sticking to our principles of being kind to the earth.

It’s what we can do to make a difference. BUT we don’t want to do it alone. 

We’ve never done this before but we’re excited to ask you, our community, to join us as we decide which pieces to stock moving forward. We’re keen to know what you would love to buy, what colours you’re into and what matters to you when you’re purchasing. 

We believe each individual can have a positive impact on the world and we’re hoping you’ll help us do just that for this community of Makers in Bangladesh. 

So, are you in? Follow along on our socials to join in! 

Keen to make a difference today?

You can head to our shop and purchase a Bag of Hope  – 50% of the sale will be donated to Bangladesh through Action Aid.

We’re also a social enterprise so any product you purchase will see the money reinvested into creating safe, local and fairly paid work for Artisans. Shop now.


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