Supporting women like Anowara in Bangladesh

An ethically made, eco jute bag is good in itself! But there's more...

Thanks to your purchase of unity, hope, love, renewal and strength, we have raised $3291 for ActionAid Australia! 

Thanks to you, ActionAid is able to support safe spaces for women in Bangladesh. Places where women can find refuge from violence, health advice, training and support to fight for justice. 

And Earth Worthy will continue to fundraise through the sale of our jute bags to support women like Anowara.

 Anowara is learning to sew face masks at an ActionAid women’s space in the world’s largest refugee camp at Cox’s Bazar. More than 800,000 people live here in cramped conditions making physical distancing impossible. Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is essential.

“We are not safe if all of us do not maintain hygiene and distance. It’s difficult to keep distance in our camp which is very cramped and over-populated. But we are trying our best so we can stay healthy. I fear coronavirus, but we have to fight against it and continue living here,” says Anowara 

ActionAid is training women like Anowara to make and sell masks to protect themselves and their community. ActionAid women’s spaces also serve as an important source of reliable information about COVID-19 sharing health and hygiene messages about how to stay safe from the virus and dispelling myths that can become dangerous.

Because of donations like yours, we are able to support women on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis in Bangladesh and around the world.

Read more about women in Bangladesh making face masks on ActionAid Australia website.

You can purchase a jute fundraiser bag here.

About ActionAid Australia:

ActionAid Australia works across 45 countries and represent a global movement of women standing together to claim their human rights and campaign against injustice. 

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