You can have a Plastic Free, Kind to the World Christmas

We believe that all changes, no matter how big or small, make a difference for our planet and when it comes to Christmas there are tonnes of little things we can do to keep tonnes of plastic from going to landfill. (See what we did there ;))

So, here are a few ideas to have a Plastic Free Christmas.

1. Make your own Plastic Free Christmas Crackers.

Try Christmas crack ups instead of tiny plastic toys. Include dares, jokes, a game of charades and start lunch with hilariously joyful banter.

2. Plastic free gift wrap.

In Australia, we use about 150,000 kms of wrapping paper at Christmas time alone, we can do something about that for sure!
How about swapping your gift wrap to recycled kids artworks, gift bags you already have, old newspapers, good bag pouches or a beautiful handloom tea towel. 
3. Plastic free Christmas Tree.
Firstly, if you already have a plastic tree, keep using it. If you're in the market for a new one, get creative with pot plants or collect wood and create your own tree.
4. Plastic free gifts
How about filling jars with deliciousness from a wholefoods store, gifting an experience, sharing a meal or giving a gift that returns to the earth rather than landfill at the end of its life. (See our jute bag range including our most popular
5. Plastic free table setting.
We know that the convenience of plastic plates seems appealing but we have dishwashers, and if don't we can bond over washing the plates we already have. Use real plates, cutlery and glasses, they're so much nicer to eat off!

Decorate with your plastic free crackers, cuttings from the garden and fairy lights you already have - magical! 
At the end of the day, a Plastic Free Christmas will likely save you money, time and energy as well as provide all tonnes of benefits for the environment. 
For a beautiful range of plastic free, ethical, sustainable gifts, view the Earth Worthy Collection here

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