Join us for a Kind to the World Christmas...

Do you believe in the power of kindness?

The way that it can shift cultures, behaviours and futures in beautiful ways is undeniable.

So this year, we’re inviting you to enjoy a Kind to the World Christmas. Kind to ourselves, kind to each other and kind to the planet, we could all do with more of that, right?!

To help you do just that, we’ve popped together this Choosing a Gift Guide to help you seek out presents that bring more kindness to the world & reduce waste. Here we go…

  1. Gift an experience or give the gift of time with somebody. Take them out for a picnic or simply put time aside just for them. If this year has taught us anything, it’s to treasure the time we get with people.

  2. Think about what the person is passionate about and seek out gifts that give back to the world in some way that’s important to them. Is the business a social enterprise, do they donate funds to support important causes? This allows your loved one to feel connected to a bigger story while also actively supporting a cause they’re passionate about.

  3. Take some time to have a look if the pieces you are buying are being made in a way that actively support traditional handcrafts and the people who are making them. The humans who make the gifts are just as important as those we’re giving them to.

  4. Aim to buy from small business where you can, they’ve done it tough over the last 2 years.

  5. Ditch the plastic and the non-recyclable wrapping paper. Give your gift in a pouch or bag so it becomes part of the gift and can be used long after Christmas is over.

  6. Here’s a sneaky one, remember to be kind to yourself this Christmas, have you thought of gifting yourself something small, may be a massage, a coffee date or clear some free space to sit and relax.

  7. Earth Worthy Pieces are both kind to the planet and to people and we’re super proud that they are. Check out the Kind to the World gifts here.

Give a gift that has the kind of impact the world needs more of this year. We believe kindness can change the world, do you?

We're really excited to launch our new collection just in time for Christmas, check out our New Summer Collection here


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