It’s fashion revolution week. What about homewares?

This week is fashion revolution week, when we ask, who has made my clothes? In the case of Earth Worthy it is who made my homewares? Fast fashion is no longer unique to the clothing industry, homewares have also been engulfed by fast production cycles. Trends and styles continually change and affordable pieces are snapped up en masse. This leads to waste, polluted waterways, unethical labour conditions and objects that are not valued, making their way to landfill, sometimes within a few months.

It can be hard not to be tempted by a bargain (I still get sucked in at times), but often the economics don’t stack up and certainly not for the people producing them. Thoughtfully purchasing quality pieces by seeking out sustainable designs that we love, and enjoying the uniqueness of small production runs is the way to go. And while we #stayhome it is the perfect time to detox from the regular jaunts and explore all the incredible, unique, thoughtfully made pieces out there.   

So what about Earth Worthy?

Earth Worthy blankets are made on the traditional handloom in rural Bangladesh. With no electricity required, the process is incredibly sustainable. The handloom industry supports the artisans with fairtrade principles and the process creates very little waste. The result is a safe workplace, family income and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

We are proud of our blankets and the talented artisans who have perfected their craft over generations. We look forward to sharing their stories post COVID, but for now we hope you can see the beauty in each piece they have created. X

We’ve also just launched our new jute bag range. Each bag is ethically and sustainably made by survivors of the 2013 Rana Plaza Factory collapse. The incident that fuelled the fashion revolution! Half the sale price of every bag will support the current crisis in Bangladesh amidst the global pandemic. Look out for our next journal entry to learn more. 

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