Gifts that Give Back

Hey, this is me (Jess) when I traveled from Australia to meet with Mohammed and his family in Bangladesh. 

It was taken in 2019 after we enjoyed a delicious lunch together (with no idea what was to come in 2020!). 

Earth Worthy was still a flourishing idea and I was back in Dhaka, Bangladesh for the first time since living there 3 years earlier, meeting with potential suppliers to see how an idea could become a reality. When I say suppliers, I really mean partners, people we work with and genuinely care about. Partners who invite me back to their place for a delicious biryani lunch with their family.

Mohammed runs a block printing production house - this is the traditional printing method that creates the beautiful designs on our PLONK floor cushions

It is a simple and relaxed single room operation all done by hand and the prints air dry in the sun. The traditional blocks are made from wood and in fact the only electricity being used in the whole process is the ceiling fans keeping everyone cool. This simple approach keeps carbon emissions low with little fuss. 

There’s is a family business so of course I was invited back to their home for lunch, followed by a group photo. :)

It is such a privilege to meet with the people who make our products. It is also incredibly important to understand our supply chains and how our products are made. 

This meeting was the prelude to launching and sharing Earth Worthy with the world. It started with people, with relationships, with the idea that we could do something that was kind to the planet and to people. I’m thankful that this is part of our story and I’m thankful you are part of our story. Thanks for being here.

Jess xx


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