Custom & Branded Products

At Earth Worthy we are re-imagining what it looks like for businesses to access ethically produced and sustainable custom and branded products that help your customers make a difference in the world simply by being a part of your brand.

What we know is..

Consumers are asking more of products and brands. In fact a recent study* of Australian Consumers demonstrated that people care a lot about social and environmental issues and they’re willing to pay more for ‘good’ products. Their highest concern is our oceans, plastic and climate change, they also want to know what the ethical and sustainable footprint of a brand is and how they are authentically engaging in helping.

The good news is we can help

Customised Earth Worthy pieces provide an opportunity to invite your clients into a sustainable, ethical brand story. Let's be honest, they are already engaging in these conversations so the exciting thing is, they are probably more likely to invite you into their story once they see the purpose and impact your brand is having.

Introducing a range of bags, pouches & packaging that is truly kind to the planet...

Made of Jute (one of the most sustainable materials on the planet) and 100% compostable, our pieces are the perfect solution for plastic free, sustainable branded packaging or promotional pieces. When we say compostable, we mean, your bags will return to the earth after their long life and you will not be contributing to landfill. (Winning!)

Earth Bags

Kind people are our kind of people and we think they're yours too...

We’re a social enterprise and we care about being kind to people. Our products are ethically produced by Artisans in Bangladesh, many of whom are survivors of the 2013 Rana Plaza Collapse (you can read more about that here). Providing meaningful, safe and worthwhile employment is our mission. Through branded and customised merchandise, products and gifts your brand gets to be part of that story too.


Low Minimums. Ethical & Sustainable. Compostable. Plastic Free.

Set your business apart and choose a customisable product that shows your customers you care for people and the planet while also gifting them something they can reuse!




Are you keen? We thought so! 

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*The Power and The Passion brand and marketing edition, 2021 (link: