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More than pretty products, Earth Worthy makes gifts that give back. From our handloom blankets - which are 100% cotton - to our compostable jute bags, every product we sell is sustainable and ethically produced.

Corethics Fundraiser


    Earth Worthy is honoured to be fundraising for likeminded not-for-profit organisation Corethics this Christmas! Half the sale price of each Bag of Hope sold will support the work of Corethics! 

    Corethics is an independent all-volunteer charity established to create sustainable and thriving communities in South-East Asia. They believe everyone in the world should thrive not just survive! That means caring for our most important resource - clean water! 

    The Need:

    CORETHICS NEED $30K TO KICK START a discovery mission to uncover how serious the chemical pollution problem is in Bali from the human impact of the textile and food and beverage industries.  They will make their findings publicly available to aid in a concerted effort to reduce environmental and human impact and understand how a collective approach might best solve it.

    Your Impact: 

    $9 from every Bag of Hope sold will help deploy a team of local researchers on the ground in Bali to uncover the extent of this issue while giving voice to those who are living on the edge of poverty.

    Buy the set! $45 donation will help us realise this goal sooner! 

    About Corethics: 

    There are around 700 million people living in extreme poverty around the world (less than $2 per day). Poverty is a result of social and environmental factors such as low wages, no access to clean water, and the lack of transparent and effective governance to support communities.

    Underpinning our #Waterforbali and #Waste4wealth projects is the need to eradicate poverty. There are ample resources in the world for all, we just need to move resources to where it is needed the most. 

    Corethics purpose is to bring affordable innovation to the developing world through a community-led and ethical approach. By identifying the root cause of problems for communities in South East Asia under a strengths-based lens we can move beyond helping those in the developing world from surviving to thriving. We believe there are new ways of solving global problems and we're pioneering the way!

    At the heart of our projects are always our People + Planet. 

    This Christmas you can make a difference! Purchase from the Bag of Hope range, select Corethics and support their incredible work! All Earth Worthy Bags are made from wonderfully sustainable, soil replenishing JUTE! They are natural, reusable, compostable and super spacious for your grocery shop. 

    Thank you for supporting the Corethics x Earth Worthy fundraiser. As a combined activity your details will be shared with Corethics in regards to this fundraiser for the purpose of thanking you and communicating the impact of your support. If you would prefer your name, email and order is not shared with Corethics please make a note a checkout 'do not share details'. Thank you!
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